Why you want to consider mobile (compressed) bulk filing?

No matter what industry you work in, you’ll find that there is always a level of admin that comes with it. And at the top of almost everyone’s admin list is filing; so it is best for you, your employees and your company to have a suitable and efficient filing system in place. A good […]

Why you need to use us for your office furniture relocation?

BOSS Office has offered an affordable, but world class service in all that we do for just over two decades. Our relocation services are top notch and we have undertaken clients and their belongings of all sizes, helping them move into spaces and relocate to new places. So whether it is corporate relocations, government department […]

The importance of records management

Emphasis is placed on planning, organising and implementing efficiency in the corporate world.  Clutter hinders productivity and an unorganised space causes confusion. BOSS Office Projects are the experts in assisting you organise your space! By developing an effective record-keeping and file retrieval policy, you can be rest assured that all documents will be found with […]

Office Relocation – Space planning and considerations when moving

Office relocation is an opportunity to reinvent a space for optimal productivity. BOSS Office Projects will create an ideal office space for any organisation. Maintain balance by analysing dimensions and natural lighting. Research shows that employees work much better with open light and visualisation. Ergonomic equipment also needs to be incorporated within the office space. […]